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My name is DVP and I am tired of these humans that use corruption & manipulation in a means to steal ideas & money for their greedy asses. So I have trained the youth worldwide in the art of Parkour for the love of God in the name of his son Jesus Christ 

And I bring digital hell as a means of saving peoples soul go on I dare you to search PORN and then JESUS, now that's not how she wants to see us, remember "We, need to PRAY MORE so pray online to Jesus and I guarantee you the dreams she gave me will come true for those who repent and pray online publish JESUS name & I promised you will see change in your life the Lady has promised this I care nothing about money for she has showed me what is NEXT. Thank you God in the name of your son Jesus Christ, I live for you & only you; please forgive me all my sins I repent with all my heart & soul; please bring down all my enemies & send the devil back to his dungeon for 1000 years so that we can pray for them as you reign King on earth with us Amen 


donations mean we got your back FYI ALL donations go to legal fees for Mia & Presleys Smiley Heroes lawsuit for kids damages because only cunts would attack kids website...

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