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DVP-is-only-one, soon they will be world wide. In 2009 I asked Elon, "If all you Nazis can't stand being around people like Allen & lettuce pickers like me for your Taco Bells, I mean your building robots now, why don't all you billionaires go and build a big rich Nazi City? God has even answered your prayers go build it & you will have none of us around anymore" They all just stood there staring into the abyss & it finally came to me, they do believe in God it was the devil that gave them their money and they knew if they didn't hide among us Defenders and singled themselves out, it would be Sodom & Gomorrah all over again. So, let Jesus save you from the devil Elon and repent your sins.  Check out pics 2 & 3 it's the DVP Tesla salute 


DVPs Will Seperate Hate

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