Attention we will have our store up by ThanksGiving 2022 for now Mia & Prez are taking donations as trade for their NFT's all funds go to Mia's & Presley's legal team for kids Smiley Heroes lawsuit, I will upload Paypal donation QR Code for all who want to get DVP NFT's FYI Wiser Technology CEO Allen Brady has promised to buy back all DVP NFT's traded with the girls for three times the amount using profits from his book deal Allen Brady ->

'DC Storm A Coming' by Mia & Prez

  • NFT's are sent from our site founders email directly to your email... FYI Wiser Technology CEO Allen Brady has stated "Everyone who supports our 2022 DVP NFT's "I will buy our DVP NFT's back for double what you donated after 12 months & triple if you wait 2 years from the date you purchased your DVP NFT"