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David-Leavitt Utah County DA can be seen in the third screenshot Facebook untagging just like Daryl Acumen does, I begged this guy to look at Andres Esquivel's 2012 American Fork case that Daryl Acumen munipulated 7 years before Samantha Josephson was murdered, must see 

This website is under construction soon we will have videos & evidence links like this one: 

David Leavitt

SKU: Corrupt-UT
  • Notified-Click-Here-ASAP as seen in XOoPlay picture #4 <- Update; Only hours later David Leavitt kills his re-elect FB page, where I Allen Brady notified him he was going to D-Hell. FYI This Leavitt plate # is needed by WT CEO 801-330-1567 text me if you have a pic of it & I'll XOoPlay knight you to serve with the world famous "Cunt Narcs" 


  • Must-See-ASAP-Fox-13-news Adam Herberts -> 

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