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Attention-FBI-&-DOJ-Please-Click-Here everyone note how eyebrow scar is exactly the same on Twin B Dave & Twin A Danny. Our store is open now & I am using Paypal to call out 'Heil Tesla' aka Elon Musk please stand by... Ok this will release on Thanksgiving weekend 2022 see all the evidence today at & Dave-Danny, SMH. You're right, it's been 15 years that's what it took to exposed all the racism in Utah & it was worth it, in the name of my church of Latter Day Saints that's why I am not in D-Hell on earth like YOU & if you don't repent you WILL GO TO HELL last warning. I pray for you & I think you should look at pic #7 & you will see all you sent to Heaven in a flash of a second this was for you Sami. ("I am DVP New Jersey edition. I contacted Allen so I could help bring justice for my Sami Thank you Allen Brady." Your very welcome from Team DVP Utah... TYGITNOYSJC,A 


Dave Chadwick

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