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Shirley-Acumen's brother can be seen in this video with Daryl. Attorney stated, "Shirley's background proves 100% she was conspiring to also hide deadly bad data." FYI - Shirley gets D-Hat because she wears the pants, not Daryl. C.A.U says please visit and you will witness for yourselves that Shirley Acumen is 100% guilty of manslughter, must see


(Attention: I am Allen Gene Brady Wiser Technology CEO when you pay $777 here I will push Shirley & Daryl both up a slot for every $7 & I am going to reward you so big it will go viral online) 

Shirley Acumen

Color: Green
  • 911-Must-See-ASAP! This "ACUMEN" plate number has already been uploaded and paid out to **** ****** that will appear * if payee checked private pay out.

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